Fagyival töltött kürtőskalács tölcsér

Ice cream filled

Chimney Cake Cone

Quick, easy, no rising and no baking!

How? Watch the video below!

How it works?

  1. Take the frozen chimney cake cone out of the fridge
  2. Tear off the protective foil
  3. Put the Softi capsule into the soft ice cream machine
  4. Press the green button
  5. Your ice cream filled chimney cake is ready!
Fagyival töltött kürtőskalács tölcsérFagylalttal töltött kürtőskalács tölcsér

Chimney Cake Cone for soft ice cream and ice cream scoops!

Our chimney cones are currently available in two sizes. One size is recommended for soft ice cream and the other for scoop ice cream.

Our frozen chimney cake cones are currently only available in vanilla flavour, but we can also make cinnamon, nut, cocoa, coconut or even custom flavours for larger orders.

We will send you a quote for both sizes!

Why choose pre-baked, frozen chimney cake cones?

  • no kneading
  • no rising
  • no baking
  • no 50 degrees in the shop
  • no slippage due to baking time
  • no waiting to make the scones
  • no throwing away the wrong dough
  • no high electricity bills
  • no wasted ingredients no stress of running out of ingredients
  • no waste, no need to throw anything away
  • low running costs
  • always same quality

Are you interested?

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ice cream filled chimney cake
ice cream filled chimney cake

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