Ready -made,
frozen Chimney Cake

How does it work?

The system is that, unlike our franchise system, you don’t have to rise and bake on site.

The chimney cakes are rised, baked and packed ready for our retailers in our factory. After packaging, we shock chill them to -40°C. Thanks to rapid freezing, they retain their quality without drying out or losing quality.

Ready-baked, frozen chimney cakes are delivered to our partners in packs of 20 pieces in M30 crates.

No kneading, no rolling, no rising and no baking in the shop!

No special machine is needed to thaw the cakes, they thaw completely in 20-25 minutes at room temperature.

Apart from taking them out of the freezer, there’s nothing to do with them!

Over the past 20 years, our partners have sold over one million ready-baked frozen chimney cakes. That’s how many people can’t be wrong!

Frozen chimney cake product data:

Weight: 210 g/pc
Length: 23-24 cm
Diameter: 9-10 cm
Available flavors: Vanilla, cinnamon,
walnut, cocoa, coconut
Packing unit: 20pcs/ ’M30’ compartment
Pallet quantity: 40 ’M30’ compartment (40x20pcs) / pallet

Price: Ask us for an offer!

Frozen chimney cake

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