Satisfaction garantee

Because for us, the most important thing is that all our customers are satisfied with our products and services!

That’s why we bake some of the country’s finest chimney cakes with the best possible ingredients, so that our customers are always satisfied and happy to recommend us under any circumstances! We want to keep this satisfaction on our customers’ faces even when they leave our shops, so we offer a 100% guarantee on all our products, if necessary: we bake new, replace, return, in short, we offer a solution to any problem that is best for our customers.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products!

Whether it’s a chimney cake, ice cream-filled chimney cake anything else you’re unhappy with, we’ll replace it, bake fresh or refund the price.
Don’t like it? Did you have a different flavour in mind? Would you like it more or less baked? Please let our colleague know and he will fulfil your request!

Not satisfied with the service of the shop? Our colleagues were not helpful to you?

Please call us on +36 30 601 0000 and we will make it up to you the same day!

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,,We hear from many of our returning customers that they have never eaten such a delicious chimneycake!”